Our Volunteers

Across the province, thousands volunteer with Special Olympics Ontario. They take pride in providing opportunities for athletes with intellectual disabilities to experience the excitement, joy and personal fulfillment associated with participating in sport.

Over 8,000 volunteer coaches, club managers, fundraisers and administrators currently provide sport programs for over 18,000 athletes in Ontario. There are constant, diverse and numerous volunteering opportunities with Special Olympics Ontario year- round.

Volunteers are what make Special Olympics Toronto a success!  Our Athletes look to our volunteers for inspiration, guidance and coaching.  In return, our volunteers have amazing experiences and often stay with our organizations for years.

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"My favourite night of the week is Tuesday night hockey night. Seeing a player take a shot on a net, then turn to mom or dad and smile IS the reason I volunteer." Gisele Lumsden, Scarboro Cyclones floor hockey/ Toronto Blue Jays Softball.

"The relationships I've developed with the athletes and coaches over the past 10 years are some of the most special ones I have.  It's very rewarding to help the athletes achieve their goals and we have a lot of fun at practice and tournaments.        I look forward to the start of a new season just as much as the athletes do."  Michael Douglas, Toronto Downtown Muscles, Powerlifting

“I have been a volunteer with Special Olympics Toronto for more than 12 years. Originally, I was asked to come out to help organize one event that the Regional Competition Management Team at the time was coordinating.  Once I attended the event and met many of the athletes, I was hooked.  The team spirit, friendships and caring that the athletes have for each other is so inspiring.  I see this at every event I attend, whether it’s a competition or a social event.  And the involvement and support of the parents, families and caregivers is fantastic.   If you’d like to be hooked for a great cause, come on out and volunteer - all it takes is a little of your time.  I am so proud to be a volunteer in support of Special Olympics Toronto.”
Debrah Laracy, Toronto Community Council,  over 12 years











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