Competition Hosting

We are excited to provide sport competition for our athletes in the Toronto community.

2015 Winter Competition Hosting 

Basketball (December 6, Location: Martingrove)

Cyclones Foor Hockey (January 31, Location: Variety Village)

Michael Conrad Swim (February 7, Location: Riverdale, U of T)

Bowling (February 22, Location: Newtonbrook)

Toronto Swim (April 25, Location: Riverdale, U of T)

International Children's Day Festival (May 1, Location: Centennial)

Powerlifting (May 23, Location:  Variety Village)

Softball (July 5, Location:  Centennial Park)

Softball (August 8, Location:  Centennial Park)

Soccer (August 22, Location:  Tom O'shanter)

Toronto Track and Field (May 31, Location:  Centennial Park Stadium)


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